The Truth Behind Your Lies

You lied to me
I have been standing like this for much time. A have a really long day separated with truth and everything that need to be focused at once, not at twice. I want this to be happening normally but why did you hide your truth behind your lies to me?

Everything just happen because of a reason. Reasonable but foolish. That words describe them right now. I didn't know how to pretend it. I'm just following the truth and look for something interesting without left my fingerprint at it.That's who I am.

The story folds so far. I had a cheerleading team months ago until it dismissed because an awful reason. It's going to be a dancing crew. Until now, before I made the team, I joined a dance crew. That's the only reason why I left the stupid opinion when they said they wanna leave. And finally, it changed to be a dancing crew and I officially left the team.

They're so pathetic
Pathetic is the word to describe them. I have hold the bag my whole time for them. Spared my whole time for them. And then, I received nothing and they bragged me down then finally insulting me, ALONE. That was a really damn. I think it gonna fixed soon with little payback.

The lies
I really didn't care


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