I'm the white dot on the blackboard

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It has been a long time since I write the latest english post on this blog. It makes me to think a while when my personality goes twisted and changed a lot. I think I should rewrite my old blog post this time(rewrite just the title exactly). And share it to you, 'coz I just want to know how you think on this.

The blackboard, the old conventional thing for teachers to teach in front of their students. This thing share everything about what we're gonna learn. But unfortunately, when the board is overload, the texts and picture on them have to be erased and we've got to remember or rewrite everything on the board to our own book before it suddenly erased by the teacher.

It's just a plain blackboard. When someone tries to write on it, then the scratches on it formed and make another picture on it. The first of all, the dot! This little change will become a large picture of something to be real. And it comes to be fun at all.

At first, I never think about how it's like to be a dot on the black board. It's almost white and pure. Try to change everything better because of its white color. And that's a good idea. If the blackboard is the bad thing. Then the white dot should be the good one. And this will make some sense to being creative and innovative.

The first thing I've to do is change or hide all the bad things on you and make them into a good one. Because changing things on someone is very difficult than changing your own bad things. It's common but some people just have it unchanged because it doesn't disturb some of them. And if it harmed and disturbed your life, then there should be a chance for you to try to make things good.

Pretending to be unique it's a good one, and remember. Everyone has their own power and weakness and also different in each other. If you're a good guy. Just try to actualize your own wants and ambition on the good way instead cheating and hurt anyone.

For me it is such a good thing to have my own mindset different than other normal people. It doesn't mean when someone is different then they have to be executed because of his/her difference. That's a kind of bully and I never forgive those sinner because of this. Annoying peoples just for fun? That's not funny at all.

From the white dot everybody learns how to change something, and from it peoples learn how to be creative. It's up to you to choose your own way to live you life. Because no one will harm you. Just have fun and remember whose part it is. And make your day full of happiness and everything you want that day will become reality, I wish.


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