It's OK to be a little broken

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It's OK to be a little broken. everyone is broken, you're alright
Another exciting truth to understand.
Everybody's broken! Who fixed them? Themselves! End of story.
I describe my life as another broken life in a thousand broken fates lies behind. As one of the destiny I picked, I think I should call it back for a moment. Why did I become someone terrifying like this. In another dimension, I think. I should tried absolutely hard to get that fate. I realized it, today. That this post will appear in few dimensions of life.

Some other thing to explain to you. My life is broken, no one could fix it. I've had no life, but it's no more. I'm alive and free. And there's something scarred there. Exactly, in my life. I didn't have any proof to show how much I'm happy or angry or sad or another expressions that used to showed to everyone in everyone's life.

Instead of this ironic story of mine. I have no friends. I can't believe one of something called human to approach or know a thing about me. I'm terrified, I'm scared. I'm using them for my appropriate needs, my own entertainment. Not showing what the truth of being myself. I'm a complicated person whose life is broken.

Talking about life, it's OK to have another thing called imagination, ambitions, dreams, hopes and all those thingy. What makes a life could be fixed for me. There's a piece that I want to relieve to this world, this piece is peace. But that's not really my problem and hopes to become true. I will enhance everything on charge in my own needs. To have my own direction, my life.

Nobody is perfect. Nobody have a perfect life. Nobody will lasts. And Everybody is broken. Because of something broken in their life. Their senses, their hope, their dream, their love. Who knows that thing could make someone feels broken? All they have to do is to feel the life perfectly, so all I have to do is call back and starts to feel the great way to achieve that 'perfect' life.

What is the real perfect way to go to your only perfect feeling of life. As perfection means there will be no end. This 'perfect' word is endless. No one could be perfect as a broken life that anyone have. That hopes so far could be a start to stop someone in suffering and begin to be grateful for what they have, what they done. This is the real meaning of a perfect life.

Some people just need to be close, respectful each other. The life is shorter than you think. No reason to hide from truth. No reason to run from truth. A truth of your life lies behind you. It's OK to be a little broken.


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