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Self Capture

The self capture of myself. I describe it as something complex, really complicated and no one could understand. I scratched something in my mind that the self capture image of myself is in myself, this 17 old year body right now.
I realized that if you badly just pretending to be what you want, if the time's up you will stuck and hard to know what to do next. Tell it in another line, I believe that freedom nearby is reached after I know what is the real nature of mine. Then the self capture of  mine appeared and now I am me.

I have a problem from long long ago, over a year ago. I have been struggling in it for a long time.
I asked myself, "who am I?",
"I am you," I replied,
"Who are you?" I asked it again
"You are me," I replied it again
Then, I asked myself again, "Why are you here?"
"I am here for you," it sounds like a deep whispers from the deepest in my mind,
I worried about what I've done, I replied it, "Say, what …