Menampilkan postingan dari Januari, 2014


Just an outline made of skin
And my walls are paper thin
I want to let you color me in
Feel like I’m drowning from the sound
Of all the silence all around
My thoughts are gone
I’m going down
I’m turning inside out
This time I finally need a light, a light
Tired of seeing in black and white, white
Having flashes in my mind
Can’t take the ticking of time
The time that’s passing by... Is time exist?

I have a day through this thinking though I hardly recognize it as something for me to let it be. I've been thinking these days whether waiting is a rough thing for me. How could it be?

Something precious is far away from me. There's someone whom I care a lot. There's someplace which I really need to go. There's something that I have to do. There's a thing that I look for.

Is it a right time to wait?

I keep struggle within my minds. Exactly I'm thinking what exactly philosophy is. There's so much incredible things for me to discover. I rolled with it whether it is the truth or not…