Are you a time killer?

I'm bored
I've been playing as someone here :) Are you OK? I acted as myself as the other someone here. I lost myself back at the sea. Well, don't you think it is necessary for us to play?

Hey! Show me something. Is it beautiful? Is it awful? Is it terrific? Is it terrible? Is it nothing?
So back like the old time. How do I recognize that thing to myself. So do I have to react awkward? happy? or overreacting?

I'm just guessing why I do hate boredom. Boredom is something that anybody aware of. That's why the witches are afraid of them. I know it, in just fairy tales. Because I realized that's nothing to do with me.

What I'm doing here is playing a game. It's somewhat refer to a game that witches have been played on us. I played for only just myself. Set my own mission objectives. Taking advantages of anything that had happen. That is something I have to fight over and over. Even it could kill me.

One of the game that I always play is time killing. There's no exact definition of that kind of activity. Don't have to discuss about it. All that I have known is just doing something worthwhile for yourself. Or for the others if their existence matter on you.

Time killing. I just have to kill more time. Not just by standing in silence. Just do something! For my sake, for my life. Then accomplish your objectives. Get know everything and keep surviving.

That's my life no other than a time killer. Are you a time killer too?


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