Best English Speaker Tube, a club worth joining :D

I had joined the club activities today. The Club is BEST (Bandung English Speaker Tube). The weekly activity is usually held at BAPUSIPDA JABAR on 1 pm.

This was my very first meeting with everyone in the club. The topic for today is "School Orientation Program". We had a rule in this club. The first person who got the role should tell his/her own experiences about the school orientation program. It's up to the person to tell which kind of school orientation program to tell. After that the person who had finished his/her own experience should point out the other person to take turn.

Great, I was late. I joined them later on 2 pm. And I get my own story to tell to everyone. After me, there are a few club members who come later than me and join us. Until we moved out to the outside to the library later. Then we still continue our discussion.

We had fun talking about each other experiences. After this session finished, we continue our conversation to other topic. We've got a long conversation to discuss with everyone in the club. In the end, we greet each other and leave :D

See you next Saturday!


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