I Call It a Gang or... Team!

I met Kang Galih and Kang Otep in front of Social Ed Faculty building last night. When I arrived there, I see five freshmen that would likely joining the group of this thing. This thing is a gang, or a group, made by people who learn contemporary dance. We, first, introduce self to each other. Then, made a group discussion about what will we do in several months later.

"There will be no payments from any party, we have to gather money together. We learn together, then... We will have fun," said Kang Galih.
Kang Galih is an alumni. He will guide Kang Otep to plan and choreograph the gang. Later in the discussion, when we at first informed to have physical exercise here, the exercise cancelled because it is not good to exercise in a time like that. We got to know each other and then plan how much people will join the gang. He asked freshmen to gather as many as possible people to join. Then, we talked about our plan to perform in some performances including Tidak Sekedar Tari at Solo and the basic of traditional dance that they learned on class. The wind flowed to the building, making us cold. The discussion went on.

I watched the whole discussion until the freshmen was excused to go. They left the building. Then, Kang Galih talked to me about my participation in Drama Tari May ago. I told him that I love dancing as part of my life, so I worth joining.

I thought that that is the right time to ask Kang Otep about my question regarding to Drama Tari. He clarified my statement and agreed that everything that happened in the officials was a rough but successful journey. So, there would be no question anymore. I appreciate that.

There were four person left; me, Kang Galih and Kang Otep. I talked to them about my experience joining the dance therapy last year and my opinion how to enhance a dance performance with psychological approach. Kang Galih approved me that the performance also needs psychology to deliver its message, to make the audience feel the same way as we think. So, there would be some strategy to make further choreography meaningful.

Kang Galih also mentioned that we need to exercise better. So, there will be physical exercise, yoga, swimming, hip hop routines, and so on.

In the end, the talks closed after Kang Galih and Kang Otep ask me whether I can join next exercise or not. I affirmed it. Then we will gather again in specified time.


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