This is What We Think About Parent's Love and Care

Today, Arwi tagged me on his Facebook status:

Everyone surely and with TENDER LOVE LOVE, but not everyone knows and is able to receive TOUGH LOVE.
Do you remember when your father or your mother HARD to you?
Maybe then you are confused as to why they are hard to you, but should not they "love" to you?
I have the father with the principle of "If a child is unruly, rattan talk". It certainly made me suffer. But the more I grow, the more I UNDERSTAND why my father had these principles.
Many of my friends who used to be pampered EASE (tender love), now even being "destroyed without direction". But some of my friends who once trained hard, now successfully become doctors, entrepreneurs and even celebrities are always busy with a variety of their achievements.
TOUGH LOVE is not as cruel as you think.
We humans have a mechanism BAD HABITS PAMPERED which if continued would make us ADDICTION bad habit without us knowing. For example, if you are a drug addict, you will definitely HARD STOP even if you are determined to quit. And if you SPOIL "difficult to stop" it, you will remain under the control of the drug.
Principle hard my father may SEEM WRONG for me, but it was THERAPY best ever for me.
Rarely would anyone want to give me that patient THERAPY chiding, REMINDS or even "flog" My GOODNESS SAKE my own on the basis of LOVE.
Many people who CONCERNED, but RARELY there CARES to actually ENCOURAGE us to go forward.
Therefore, if there are people who SEEM bit hard, against the flow and "poked" you, DO NOT LIVE ANGRY. Think carefully what MOTIF behind her. Is he just a burble-burble to appear dominant, or he truly CARES to you by giving you TOUGH LOVE?
If the motive is to give you TOUGH LOVE, then thank the person for such people RARELY IS. Not always bad

I realised that what Arwi told me is right. We shared the same opinion about our own parent's parenting style. It is a relieve to be grateful of what happened in my childhood time.


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