Kesadaran Wanita: Beritahu Aku Rasanya Punya Rahim

"Kesadaran Wanita: Beritahu Aku Rasanya Punya Rahim," or in English "Woman Conscious: Tell Me How It Feels Like to Have A Womb," dance performance video has been uploaded on Instagram by Lita Arofu. To remember that moment, I felt shudder. The guys done it only in one night dance exercise. It started from my contemplation about a butch girl suddenly in love with a guy. Then, I presented that awkward moment in a form of Contemporary Dance. I remember what Mbak Mata (from Integrative Body Movement Community) said about woman,
Woman has a womb, that is one which makes woman different than man
There, you see it. I finally gave this concept to Lita in hope that she could develop this better than me, a boy or merely a man. Check this out!


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