Ah... Retreat and Lively Go

I've been questioning myself. I succumbed this morning. Then I finished my assignments and then, something happened. The struggle to reconnect and something like, I need to tell it to someone once again popped out. It was 30 minutes of struggle, but stop. I realized it. It's time to stop. I sent a lot of statements, but it wouldn't work out. That's fine. A sudden stop is better than struggling all the time. For people with break-up relationship, it's hard at first whether it is because of your ex-romantic partner or your ex-best friend.  I realized it is useless to try to reconcile everything back if someone we want to reconcile doesn't want to reconnect at all. Staying up "just friends" means they are ready to be left off. They are not true friends at all.

It's rare for me to write things out like this. I'd be a statement hunter. Looking for good words to make people up, at least, make something feel a little bit better for a while. 

Step back and breath....

Take a little tiny step to take gold from its' pot.

First, it’s important to believe the breakup has happened. It’s happened. You’ve been rejected. Accept it for what it is. Let it slowly sink in and try to do the hardest thing there is to do: Nothing. Doing nothing in a situation like this takes energy. It takes a lot of energy. You will think you spend all your time NOT doing something, because that is exactly what you’re doing.

Stop right there. Purge yourself of all thoughts like this. Stop making promises to a Supreme Being to become a saint if only you win your love back. It’s time to go back to acceptance and doing nothing. Right now, it’s time to reject the rejecter.

Forget about changing for someone else. Forget about bargaining for what you should have without bribing a Higher Power. Forget about changing your whole life just so someone who doesn't appreciate you and your worth will love you. Forget it!

A person who walks out or puts you on hold or wants you in “just friends” status is not that person. Anyone who has rejected you in any way, for any reason, is not for you.

Even if you love this person, this person does not love you. . . . and the person for you will love you. Deeply and Completely. It exists. It happens. It is possible.

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