Fear of Disappearing

Wants and needs of being recognized appear as I am thinking that I am nothing. All of past failures come up unforgivable. Scared, isolated, feeling of rejections suit on my beliefs. "It is not for me." I suddenly become powerless as I bend power to other things. I realize that I'm powerful being to bend that kind of energy on me except for emergency reasons.

What is this feeling?
Is it alright?

Fame happen because energy. Energy happen to be accumulated on one body, becoming powerful body. Powerful body happen to influence others. The powerlessness happens because one doesn't have any significant drives (wants and needs) to fulfill. As exact I'm doing nothing for the sake of my life, I'm doing something exactly. Doing something that should happen is weightless as I don't bring something. It follows through, floating, going wherever I go. As my body become powerless, muscles begin to decay. I looked on myself, little, weak, powerless, but a great significant power inside. I'm losing my body. Where am I? Because I am universe itself. I accept myself for becoming something that disappear, soon or later.


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