Let It Go - Betweem Delusion and Prophecy

I try to let go. What happened on you?
Get this time.
I come as no one.
Someone ran away,
I had wounded.
I lost in abyss.
Seem imperfect, but totally not deserve to live.

What else comes today is a life to move on
Forget the impression that left you wonderer
Go looking, but see back a while
Heal the self
But love still exist

The delusions exist
It keeps telling me
Grandeur make it more grand
Is someone loving me deeply in a river of hatred
Coming out from this
Shame and mistrust
Guide someone back to lock in it

How the prophecy comes?
It is because the delusion is happening now
What now?
I lost myself back then
Why now?
I feel it is time to fight for someone.

You have to trust me
It is essential

What can I do?
I have accepted myself.
It is time to go

Go now...
Because my love is total and can't be replaced


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