#BasmutReinz Ideas from Passion / Sanctuary - Mree Cover (Kingdom Hearts)

When it's so hard to ditch you away. I found this passion. I just believe that only me who could fix it. I didn't know how I could so confident like this. Checking it on and on just like approaching delusions, just like before. I can encounter this situation.

My logotherapist asked me to create an art performance to release the languages and meaning of his hallucionoid appearance. It disturb almost all day, all week. And so, I gained resilience to stay calm. I projected it onto a story called #BasmutChronicle and #BasmutReinz, a story about a young pilgrim (he's actually 250 years old living in 20 years old body) and his eternal beloved (whom then he found out to be male because indeed the pilgrim is a woman in heart). They against a test of wholeness to find love beyond body, a gift of Platonic Love.


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