#REFLECT! Utada Hikaru - Passion (Live Studio Ver.)

I know that I don't know. While I got this better than myself. You said, "it's true being wrong at the time." But how would you know about it... about how you make this all happen. Isn't it wonderful. I don't know.... It's just happening. You did that. You did that. You did that. I've checked it all over. How do I know about it and how? Oh how? You couldn't see it. You've blinded. See? You are blinded. I don't know too. I was going too far from you, out of fear. I see it is not what I wanted to. I loved you. But you... never love me at all. You got the things all out from me. Get it all just for yourself. When your friends rejected me, I succumbed. You did the same (out of fear too). Afraid you said. You're paralyzed....


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