Revenge Puzzle

Vicious Cycle of Resentment
Anger gathered along the day. I think about how to get revenge. As anger arise, hour by hour. The intense hatred that projected toward me accumulated.

It's like Vulcano.

I can blast at anytime...

How could I deal with this?

As I saw that he had normal life. What's the matter on me, I said "you will got what you did to me" over and over. But it seems like past reoccurence that I stood for something right. I surrender...

Justice didn't happen because Power over Justice. I confess that I hate how he perceive his culture, actually projecting my hatred on my own culture. It's simply because I need justification. Sometime, instability arise. I realise that the culture is a constant flux. So after a long conversation with Fadzul Haka, I decided to not hold a certain identity. I'm holding somewhat a plural holistic of culture. I am building my own culture.

You will see the progress.

Fuck off with this resentment
There's a hidden message on it


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